live-drums & drum tracking studio

Sebastian Winne

Hi! I'm Sebastian and hyperfocused on drums :-)
During my over 20 years of work as a musician, I’ve gained experience as a drummer in a variety of genres. This includes performances with the RTO & Lola Young, Lizzo, Banks, Oliver Tree, Trettmann, Herbert Grönemeyer, Danger Dan, Clueso, Deichkind, Sampha, Woodkid a.o. as well as touring around the globe with Three Fall over a decade.
In my drum-tracking studio I offer recordings for your production using high-end microphones, preamps, converters and a large selection of drum-equipment. You have the choice between big sounding, boomy drums with a large natural room, totally dry recordings or a combination of both.
 Please take a look at my Youtube- & Instagram-channel to see what it might sound like and feel free to get in touch with me!