I'm very happy to be supported by these great companies!

Here is a list of the instruments I play.


Sonor Drums:

Hilite Adam Nussbaum / Maple (90s): 12x8, 14x14, 18x14

Designer / Birch: 12x8, 15x13, 20x14

Vintage Series / Beech: 12x8, 14x12, 22x14

Snares: Hilite 12x5 & 14x7, Prolite 14x5 Maple & Brass, Vintage Series 14x6,5


Paiste Cymbals:

Hihats: 15" Formula 602 Classic Sounds, 15" Masters Dark, 16" Traditional

Ride & Crashes:

22" & 20" Traditional Light Ride

22" & 20" Masters Dark Ride

20" Masters Crash-Ride

18" Masters Dark Crash

16" Traditional Extra Thin Crash

18" Masters Swiss Thin-Crash (Prototype)




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